TeleHealth Relaxation Video

Ventana PREVIEW sample

Curated to meet a wide variety of relaxation and wellbeing needs, Ventana Channel videos were developed with the direction of leading healthcare institutions. Each video features 10 to 20 carefully selected HD ‘windows’ creating a retreat from everyday distractions. For an immersive experience, videos are accompanied by the naturally occurring sounds recorded on location. Ventana’s 35 videos run from 30 minutes to five hours. 

Symphony Square Preview sample

Symphony Square pairs Window Channel’s original HD relaxation videos with classical piano and symphonic melodies performed by up and coming young musicians. Symphony Square is the perfect combination for relaxation of all the senses.


Mindfulness for the modern world, Yocalm videos feature integrative health experts from yoga, meditation, energy, medical and musical fields. Yocalm’s captivating and engaging sessions range from quick, guided breathing sessions that calm the nerves to longer yoga classes that get blood flowing, calm brainwaves, and allow the endocrine system to relax. Yocalm videos are designed to improve wellness and health.


Designed for sleep and deep meditation, the Sleepwell Channel features extremely low light (dark screen) soothing HD videos with complementary natural white noise to aid in healthy sleep patterns. Sleepwell Channel videos feature reduced exposure to blue-spectrum light waves which are known to suppresses the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that influences circadian rhythms and interfere with REM sleep.


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