TeleHealth Relaxation Video

Best Practices for Relaxation


Successful hospitals provide a comforting environment and optimal experience for patients and families.  Patients are often lonely, scared, and confused. That’s why TeleHealth Services selected the Window Channel as their integrated content strategy partner to enhance the patient experience, improve outcomes, and accelerate efforts to reduce noise and create a restful and peaceful environment. 

Video for Better Outcomes


A leading innovator and distributor of original HD relaxation and wellness videos, Window Channel empowers viewers to find stillness and peace in their everyday life. The TeleHealth  library includes four specialty channels with hours of relaxation, meditation, sleep and background music video programming.

Sleep, Relax, Dream, Meditate


Choose from VENTANA Channel for general relaxation for patient and families, SLEEPWELL &  DREAMWELL which feature dark-screen videos for a full-night's deep sleep, SYMPHONY SQUARE with nature relaxation video accompanied by classical music performed by young new artists, and YOCALM with guided meditation, meditation, breathing exercises and therapeutic yoga

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